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Graduates Must Possess Accountability And Openness

To address the challenges in the world today, traits namely accountability and openness must be existent in oneself, especially those who are joining or have joined the world of employment.
The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Bashawir Abdul Ghani said that organizations not only look for an employee who is able to perform the tasks entrusted, when in fact they become more motivated to hire employees who possess high ethical values and accountability apart from being open.
According to him, from the perspective of organizational management, accountability is seen as a process of 'making (of) top corporate leaders who are responsible for their actions, goals and utilize available objective measures'.
He advised fellow graduands to train themselves and practice principles namely being responsible, trustworthy, tolerant and aware of both the good and bad while carrying out their duties to help organizations achieve their goals.
"Graduates who have the sense of accountability and openness in the organization are not only able to solve problems and make the right decision in the interests of the public, but they are also capable of producing the best results.
"Therefore, I would like to enlighten fellow graduands about the realities of the working environment which is not just a battle field which will shape the economy of families, it will also mould the value of civil society life.
"Graduates who will or have joined the world of employment, whether in the government or private sectors, need to be involved in developing civil society with the goal of upholding the importance of transparency and good governance within these bodies," he said this at session six of the 31st. Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) Convocation Ceremony at the Mu'adzam Shah Hall.
He further reiterated that transparency, a quality related to honesty and openness is the key element in good governance and the prevention of corrupt practices.
According to him, the leadership of the current government seriously views the issues related to integrity and governance that have now menaced to become cancerous in society and organization.
"The government promises openness and transparency in the aspect of governance, so graduates who are or have joined the world of employment are reminded to always be sensitive and together enforce the value of transparency, accountability and openness within the organization and its ecosystems.
"I also call on graduands to comprehend the importance of celebrating the inequality of fellow human beings because we are all created by Allah (the Most Glorified) as individuals who possess unique and personalised characteristics," he said.
In that regard, the Vice-Chancellor further reiterated that such understanding is needed in the field of work because the needs and desires of each person are different, just as the uniqueness that exists in each person.
At the same time, he also called for all the graduands to prioritize the three basic principles outlined by the Ministry of Education, namely love, happiness and mutual respect when interacting.
"I fervently hope that graduates will continue to establish relationships and contribute to alma mater as UUM alumni and jointly develop communities and future generation by helping the alma mater realise its mission in applying the 'KNOWLEDGE VIRTUE SERVICE' philosophy.
"All of you should be proud of being the alumni of UUM, as we are proud of being your alma mater," he said.
A total of 822 graduates received their respective degrees including a major university award from the Vice-Chancellor.